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Paragliding in Pokhara


Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Pokhara, Nepal, is renowned not only for its breathtaking landscapes but also as a paradise for adventure seekers. Among the myriad of thrilling activities the city offers, paragliding stands out as a must-do experience for those who seek an adrenaline rush coupled with awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Imagine standing at the edge of Sarangkot, a vantage point that overlooks the Pokhara Valley. The sheer drop below and the expanse of the sky above beckon, promising an adventure of a lifetime. The preparation for a paragliding experience in Pokhara is as much about anticipation as it is about the breathtaking flight ahead.

Once strapped into the harness and connected to the parachute-like wing, known as the paraglider, anticipation heightens. With an experienced pilot guiding the way, the thrill begins as the wind fills the canopy, lifting both pilot and passenger off the ground. The feeling of freedom and weightlessness sets in as the ground below gradually drifts away.

The flight offers an unparalleled bird’s-eye view of Pokhara’s mesmerizing landscape. The crystal-clear Phewa Lake shimmers amidst the surrounding lush forests and the quaint town below. The snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna range and the formidable Fishtail Mountain serve as a majestic backdrop, captivating adventurers throughout the flight.

The sensation of soaring through the sky like a bird, riding the winds, is an experience unlike any other. Yet, unlike the fast-paced rush of some extreme sports, paragliding in Pokhara is a serene and almost meditative experience. The quietude of the skies, broken only by the sound of the wind rustling past the canopy, allows for a peaceful and contemplative journey above the earth.

The skill of the pilot becomes apparent as they navigate the currents, offering passengers not just an exhilarating flight but also a safe and controlled experience. Throughout the flight, passengers have the chance to take in the exquisite landscape that unfolds beneath them, observing the beauty of the valley, the terraced hillsides, and the local life that moves like miniature models on the ground.

The flight’s duration can vary, but most experiences last around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on weather conditions and the chosen route. Some thrill-seekers may even opt for longer, more adventurous flights, which could include acrobatic maneuvers for the more daring participants.

As the flight nears its end, the pilot skillfully guides the paraglider back toward the ground. The landing, although seemingly daunting, is typically a smooth and gentle affair, as the tandem paraglider touches down in an open area, bringing the adventure to a close.

The memories of a paragliding experience in Pokhara linger long after landing. The sense of freedom, the breathtaking views, and the peacefulness of the flight stay with the adventurers, creating an indelible mark in their memories.

In conclusion, paragliding in Pokhara offers a thrilling and serene adventure, combining the rush of flying with the tranquility of floating high above an enchanting landscape. It’s an experience that not only satiates the thirst for adventure but also leaves a lasting impression of the natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes of this Himalayan region.

The rate / Price for Paragliding in Lakeside Pokhara.

  1. Rs 5500 per person with photo and video.
  2. Rs 4000 per person without photo and video

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